3 Creative Ways to Decorate with 2 Story Curtains

2 Story Windows -by George Interior Design

2 Story Windows -by George Interior Design

If you bought your house for a two-story living room, I bet  it takes your breath away every time you walk in. Finally, you feel that you get enough light and air to make up for crowded streets and trains that are left behind. But you keep on thinking that those two-story windows need something. And that “something” is going to cut a chunk off your next vacation plans. So, you putting off your windows decorating project month after month.

The good news is that, with a little planning, you might be able to get those two story curtains you need to finish up the room.

I will not lie to you. Two-story curtains take up a lot of fabric, so they cannot be really cheap. But there are ways to cut the cost if you approach this project creatively.

Here are 3 ways to reduce the cost of the draperies or curtains for a two-story living room: Read More

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The Ultimate Guide: How to Calculate Yardage for Curtains


  • Why should you determine the drapery rod placement first?
  • Important industry vocabulary you will need to know.
  • What is all that extra fabric that you have to add?
  • Easy fabric yardage calculations for straight drapery panels.

What is the cost of pretty window curtains?  This could be the first question that crossed your mind when you started dreaming about getting (or making) curtains for your home. So, you might have been putting this project away, right? Perhaps, this post will help you to move forward.

Here are the steps on how to calculate draperies’ yardage:  Read More

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What You Learn from the Russians about Staying Warm at Home

baby it's cold outside etsy
‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’, Etsy print
  • Simple ways to reduce air draft from the windows
  • How to make your fabric draperies work for your money
  • Why choosing the right lining helps to keep you warm in the house
  • Best window shades  for saving energy
  • Budget shopping list to keep you warm this winter

Winter process of making windows “warm” was something that I witnessed in Russia back in the day when no one heard about 25-40% energy bill savings, the cost of drafty windows. We just saved on everything, including energy bills. Read More

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